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Vent and Endless guild portal paid subscription ending
May 25, 13 12:14 PM
Old School raids roll on.
Dec 8, 12 11:17 PM
Safety Dance?
Dec 2, 12 12:58 AM
Hard mode?
Mar 25, 12 11:14 PM
EV hard mode, Droid.
Mar 25, 12 11:13 PM
Welcome to the guild website of The Endless.

We are family-friendly social guild based out of the Cenarion Circle server in The World of Warcraft.  Our guild is made up of all different sorts of folks with the common interest of playing a massively multiplayer online game with friendly, mature people.

Applicants to the Endless must have a current member to recommend them for membership.  We keep our guild chatter and vent chatter PG during the day because of we have parents who play the game within earshot/eyeshot of children and we don't tolerate abusive behavior of any kind.  Other than that, we're pretty laid back.

Thanks for visiting!
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Vent and Endless guild portal paid subscription ending

Brithgyn, May 25, 13 12:14 PM.

Just a note that the Vent subscription for the Endless will end on June 20th, 2013.  Sometime during this period I will also cancel the paid subscription to the Endless guild portal site.  That means that the guild site will only be available through an ip address (if I remember correctly) and we'll lose some older posts and photographs due to storage restrictions.

From what I understand, guild leadership was never transferred.  It should have been long enough that those still active (Frosten or Dark) should be able to take over the guild using the in game interface (or perhaps a ticket).

If you have any questions or concerns, please have Aramathea contact Valadim outside the game and I'll try to resolve any issues before the site goes back to free subscription.


Old School raids roll on.

Brithgyn, Dec 8, 12 11:17 PM.
The lucky few in vent got to hear Safety Dance from Frosten

And lills got her OS mount:

Thanks Chuunka for organizing and check your calendar for next week! :)

Safety Dance?

Brithgyn, Dec 2, 12 12:58 AM.
Sorry, no screenshot from the easiest 'Safety Dance' ever.  Only thing I have is the grid pane of the usual suspects.

Thanks for the nostalgic Ulduar/Nax run guys.  Gratz on the achievements.

Hard mode?

Brithgyn, Mar 25, 12 11:14 PM.
Hard mode = sammich mode.  True story.

Nice job guys, clear it next week! (cancel)

EV hard mode, Droid.

Brithgyn, Mar 25, 12 11:13 PM.
Don't worry, Draxxy's got you covered.  Imma eat a sammich behind that pillar.

Sand Crawler, get outta my face!

Apparently the wussy hat is not enough.

Brithgyn, Mar 25, 12 11:11 PM.
Karraga's down.  I still like the hat though, is that wrong?  Plus, that little sandcrawler is gonna be up in everyone's business.  Trust me.

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